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Networking & Communications

Keeping you connected.

In a growing digital economy, your network keeps you connected. It forms the bedrock of a stable and reliable service for you, your users and your customers. PlanNet32 clients receive fast, reliable networks in a cost effective manner.

As a younger company, your network is often at the end of a very long list of priorities. Equally, the impact of a network outage is not as severe for a smaller operation.

As you grow, however, the productivity impacts that come with a network outage become exponentially worse.

Networking and Communications

The PlanNet32 Solution.

We will do the worrying for you. We do not believe in hardware heavy solutions or chewing up valuable capital.  Our PlanNet32 network solutions are fit for purpose and scaled to grow with you.

Building room for growth into a solution is a good practice. Unfortunately, many businesses end up with over-provisioned hardware and more capacity than they can possible use. Additionally, these solutions are often configured with a bare minimum to get it up and running.

At Plannet32 Solution we offer:

  • Vendor agnostic solutions
  • Fit for purpose hardware
  • A full range of services from low-touch, low-cost offerings to highly customised, client-specific solutions
  • We can help you to extract the value from your existing investments, explore exciting new technologies and keep your business connected
  • We offer fully managed, industry-leading solutions from vendors such as Meraki, Cisco and Ruckus.
  • Our team is experienced in communications technologies including wired, wireless, voice and video
Networking and Communications

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