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Operating out of Perth, Western Australia, PlanNet32 are right in the heart of one of the worlds most innovative and competitive environments for Production Control Systems.

Our exposure to mission critical Production Control Networking has led us to conclude that there is no one way to do things. Each plant, each system and each platform has its own unique requirements.

The PlanNet32 team work closely with your engineering team to ensure absolute compliance with your standards and operational requirements.

Our high-speed, low latency networks support mission critical operations, such as:

  • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
  • Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD)
  • Fire and Gas Systems (FGS)
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) / Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition systems (SCADA)
  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Historian, Plant Reporting and production data archiving
  • Remote monitoring, access and support

A vendor agnostic approach allows us to provide the best possible service to you as the end-client. This approach allows us to support vendors including Cisco, Hirschmann, Moxa and Ruggedcom.

Industrial Networking

The PlanNet32

Remote Site Communications: Plannet32 has extensive experience in the Australian mining, oil & gas industries. In combination with our Production Control Networking experience in East and West Africa and South East Asia, this positions us as an expert in remote site communications. Our team have exposure to some of the most demanding physical environments in the world including rural Africa, outback Australia, the Indonesian jungle and more. Our remote site communications systems are tailored to your specific requirements and deadlines.

Drilling and Production: The PlanNet32 team has supported drilling and engineering activities around the world and throughout the entire exploration to production lifecycle, upstream and downstream. We understand the challenges of the ever-moving spud date and the ever-changing schedule. We understand that rig availability, logistics base locations and third-party contractor requirements are subject to constant change. Our solutions cater for the widest range of possible solutions to ensure we can adapt to your changing requirements at a moments notice. Our team of highly trained and experienced personnel and our network of global partnerships allow us to provide the following services.

Our services include:​

Industrial Networking

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