Enterprise Services

Capable. Secure. Reliable.

Our Enterprise offerings are tailored for established companies. Whether you want a partner to take ownership of a project from end-to-end, an advisor to contribute towards an active project, or someone to slip seamlessly into your team to help out, we have a solution for you.

Enterprise Networking.

Our vendor agnostic solutions allow us to support multiple vendors in a manner that works for you. We support top tier vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, HPE/Aruba, Riverbed and more.

Our teams breadth of experience allows them to make the most out of each vendors offerings while maintaining a solid and stable network foundation.

Our services span the entire stack of networking and collaboration services including wired, wireless, security, voice and video, collaboration and more.

Expert Knowledge

Safe. Reliable.

Industrial Networking.

Our industrial networking and communications expertise allows us to support your mission-critical services in the most demanding of conditions. Whether it’s offshore, underground or in remote areas our team have the technical knowledge and wherewithal to deliver safe, secure and reliable communications.

The global nature of our business combined with our inclusive and engaging approach allows you to take advantage of our network of partners and their invaluable local knowledge and connections.

Surge Resourcing.

What you need, when you need it.

Our clients are familiar with the ebb and flow of managing ongoing maintenance and operational work combined with the peaks and troughs of project delivery. Our surge resourcing strategy allows for our team members to slip seamlessly into your team to handle those peaks without you carrying the cost of those resources when the demand tapers off.

Engineering Resource Planning

Many of our enterprise clients have long project lead times with protracted approval processes. This can impact hiring decisions. It makes managing the work/life balance and leave approval for your team difficult. Our surge resources can join your team on an as-needed basis. We can shoulder the burden of day to day operations while you focus on projects or we can relieve the load of project demands. Whether it is as a full-time resource or a part-time boost, the choice is yours.

Project Delivery.

On your terms.

Our project delivery services allow you to engage us for a defined scope of work. We will take full ownership of the solution and see it through to completion. We are not a one-solution organisation and recognise that most problems have many possible solutions. We are not just engaged to deliver a project but rather to deliver a project in a certain way. Your way.

Our project teams endeavour to deliver projects and systems in a manner that integrates with your existing processes. We deliver an outcome that you can both rely on and support. We will work within the framework of your existing standards and practices and bolster these with our broad range of experience and technical know-how.

Advisory Services.

Our PlanNet32 Advisory services are offered to our clients to supplement their internal ICT skills and experience. Our aim is for our consultants to act as a trusted advisor to your business. This allows you to focus on what you do best while we focus on what we do best.

Our Advisory services are built on trust and integrity. Our consultants bring with them a robust and impressive history of national and international experience. You will be able to take advantage of this experience when you need it.

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