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At OneStone Consulting, it’s their vision to become WA’s leading water systems consultancy and thought leaders within their industry.

As water becomes more precious, it becomes increasingly important to ensure our water systems operate as efficiently and sustainably as possible. With Principal Consultant and Director, Eelko Van Der Vaart (MSc) at the helm, it is the mission of Onestone Consulting to support and enable clients in planning, designing and operating efficient and sustainable water systems.

As winners of the prestigious AWA WA Infrastructure Project Innovation Award, Onestone are well positioned to fulfil their vision.

There was a problem, however. Like many companies built from the ground up and experiencing success, OneStone were outgrowing their legacy IT systems.

 Our main issue was the lack of a common email and shared mailbox settings. We had changed domains recently and needed to migrate our emails and website to the new domain. We also had several minor network and server issues that we needed to resolve.

We had run into issues like missed meetings due to the calendar synchronization problems. This was not a good outcome for us and certainly not for our clients. We used PlanNet32’s technical support to get us over some growing pains on our systems.”

Eelko engaged the team at PlanNet32 for support.

“PlanNet32 came in and investigated our current situation. They laid out some options and helped us implement the recommended solution. We migrated to our new email addresses easily and were able to maintain our old email addresses indefinitely.”

PlanNet32 audited the entire suite of systems and platforms in use and proposed a migration to Office365. The company’s emails were migrated to Office365 and multiple domains integrated into a single common Exchange Online environment. All laptops would be upgraded to a common version of Windows 10 and Office365 deployed for each user. The company’s website was migrated to the new domain, while still maintaining the old domain to ensure no opportunities were lost due to the transition.

“After the initial scoping of the work, it became clear that PlanNet32 knew what they were doing. We chose PlanNet32 because of their honesty and for clearly laying out the options and not pushing for the most expensive option. PlanNet32 were cognizant that we are in the process of growing and helped us to prioritize the things that can get done now versus in the next phase of growth. The options provided were suitable for our current needs but also set us up future growth.”

PlanNet32 investigated the network issues that had been plaguing the company for some time, found the issue and resolved it.

“We ran into a network issue on a Friday afternoon. I knew Monday was going to be a write-off to resolve the issue. After I contacted PlanNet32, we both brought our kids in to resolve the problem on a Sunday. Being in the office solving the issue while trying to keep the kids entertained was fun. The kids were busy on the whiteboard while the dads were busy working on a solution that, ultimately, resolved the issue permanently with no hit on productivity.”

PlanNet32 delivered the program of works over the course of a number of weekends. All services were migrated outside of business hours and thorough testing and follow-up ensured any issues were kept to a minimum.

“PlanNet32 were very responsive, they came into the office at odd hours to help us sort it all out. The response time between us raising a query and the guys being on top of it was excellent. Even random queries out of the blue that were not project related. Great service.”

Since the successful migration of services to Office365, the team at OneStone Consulting have been exploring the exciting new features available to them.

“We certainly felt the efficiency increase in terms moving away from calendars that don’t talk to each other. It allowed us to be more on top of day to day planning for the business and manage the risks of not having everything in one spot.

From a day to day document management point of view, it’s much better to have a common searchable email. Rather than folders sitting on user desktops.

For an engineering business it’s very important to have the email history of projects laid out. Then we can go back to trace what decisions were made and have a clear record of the decisions in the email record.”

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