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Melius Consulting is a team of professional consultants who are experts in health, safety and business improvement. Led by Dr Ian Dunican PhD, the team at Melius Consulting use scientific data analysis and diagnostics across health, safety, engineering and production disciplines to minimise catastrophic/fatality risks within a range of industries.

Ian regularly contributes to articles within the popular media and has been featured on the health report on ABC radio, numerous podcasts and has appeared on ABC television, Channel 7, Channel 10 and Channel 9 in Australia as well as delivering a presentation at TEDx Perth. He has authored and co-authored a number of scientific articles and technical reports and is a regular reviewer for scientific peer-reviewed journals. Ian is an ultra-runner and has completed the Leadville 100 mile, a continuous off-road foot race in the Colorado Rockies where he ran for 27 hrs 42mins. He has completed numerous mountain ultra-runs in Australia and is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner.

It is no surprise then, that Ian has a full calendar! The problem arose because Ian had too many calendars.

“We were operating on too many platforms. We had Dropbox, Gmail, Google Docs. Our business was growing and we needed one platform to manage everything. Each user was spending 4-8 hours a week just navigating between systems, copying files and re-working.”

Ian reached out to the team at PlanNet32 for help and advice.

“PlanNet32 were recommended to me by somebody I trusted. We were keen to work with a company that was locally owned and operated. We have made a conscious effort to use local providers that we can form a relationship with.”

PlanNet32 audited the entire suite of systems and platforms in use and proposed a migration to Office365. The companies emails would be migrated to Office365 and multiple domains integrated into a single common Exchange Online environment. All laptops would be upgraded to a common version of Windows 10 and Office365 deployed for each user.

“We chose PlanNet32 due to their honesty and clarity of message. Transparency is the main thing I look for. I don’t mind paying for something if I’m getting value. I can’t stand companies beating around the bush trying to take advantage of you. I’m a novice in this area, having only dealt with large scale IT. PlanNet32’s ability to give the right solution and not take advantage of their client is what set them apart.”

PlanNet32 delivered the program of works over the course of a number of weekends. All services were migrated outside of business hours and thorough testing and follow-up ensured any issues were kept to a minimum.

“PlanNet32 Delivered one solution to fix everything. A one stop solution that resolved all of our system issues. The work was done outside of business hours which minimised downtime and maximised uptime. There was zero productivity loss during migrations.”

Since the successful migration of services to Office365, the team at Melius consulting have been exploring the exciting new features available to them. From increased collaboration through the use of the Teams app for messaging and video conferencing to simultaneously editing documents via SharePoint. As the team have become more familiar with the services provided by an Office365 subscription their success has resulted in an ever-growing team. New users are added to existing groups seamlessly and are on-board and working on day 1. They can go back over Team chat logs to get up to speed and find everything they need to know on their internal Sharepoint sites.

“Being on one system resulted in a measurable productivity increase across the business of 5-10%. This has allowed as us, as a niche consultancy, to focus on our business and not on our IT problems.”

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We provide managed ICT solutions for industrial environments, small to medium enterprises and independent professionals.

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